Two Colors This Time! Monthly Special for October: Black Swamp Mud   AND Monthly Special for November : Swamp Moss!  We have been busy fishing and didn’t get this posted earlier!  Our play time = extra deals for you!  Both Deals are good through November 30, 2016!

Black Swamp Mud is a signature RBB color that is also a 2-in-1 like our Motor Oil.  The bait appears to be a chocolate brown, however, when light is added it gives a blue green color.  It is very effective in our Creatures, Scampers, and sticks.

Swamp Moss blends all the good stuff from our signature Greenback Craw and baby bass.  A lighter green base with green hi-lite, and catchy flake to attract big fish!  This is great on anything!  It mimics several natural occurring prey from Kick N Frogs, Creatures, sticks, and Scampers.

And to sweeten the deal, these colors are available in 4 different bait styles! You can find our Bonus October/November Special in the shop!

Our commitment to you, our customers, is to bring new fishing baits to you at great prices!  We are continuing with our year long sale!  We are featuring color(s) along with specific baits for each month this year, at a reduced price!  So, if you are still trying to devise a color combo from our list, let us help narrow your choice.  Each color will be a tried & tested winner!